Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Social Experiment?...Not Really

So as I was falling asleep last night, it occurred to me to blog my attempt to lose weight. I have found at other times that I have been successful that there was an element of competition involved in it for me. I wondered if it was really competition or just some warped sense of accountability.

Also, keeping a food journal has one wants to write down that a package of Oreo was I can now share the arguments with myself about making decent food choices with you!

So here we go.

My final goal - is to be 50 pounds I am not telling you my starting number...I a glutton for cheesecake not pubic humiliation. Also, I would really like to stop cropping pictures just below my boobs...I have good calves...I should stand with things in front of me to have my pics taken.

I am hoping that by choosing the green as the template for this blog that it counts as a vegetable.

A few things I want to get straight to begin with:
I DO NOT see myself EVER exercising in the morning. I know some people that seem fairly sane do this...however I see it as a symptom of deep seeded self hatred

I will not give up Creme Brulee...I do not eat it a lot, and life is too short to go without the great things

And I am willing to give up starches, but not all carbs...because I think that messes with your brain - and I like my brain.

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