Monday, December 7, 2009

Dr. Evil and My Diet

After a weekend struggle to be good, (that included an argument with a Lindt Dark Chocolate bar with chili)I returned to work today. Only to be met by DR. EVIL.

Dr. Evil is a perfectly nice man that I work with, however he has an issue with sweets...he likes to share them. Today he brought in a box of Belgian Chocolate Cookies, and he left them open in the main office area. I am a weak weak woman, with some sort of mental block...that makes me not notice the cookie until it is in my mouth and I am chewing. ...on the upside - I finally looked at the calorie count at the end of the day - 140 calories per 3 cookie serving...not too bad after all but I am still hoping the night elves eat them all this evening.

Houston weather is NOT cooperating with the whole exercise aspect of this thing. My exercise of choice is a mile and a half walk in the got COLD - it actually snowed...then it started raining. The workout room in my apartment complex houses broken equiptment, I have asked my son for a gym membership for eventually I will befriend the elliptical machine again.

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