Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lessons from the Gym

Today I went crazy.

I went to the gym TWICE! I had a lot of energy and did not want to fold laundry or vacuum.

A few things I have learned in the last week. Do not use the 'Fat Burn' setting on the treadmill. This setting automatically adjusts the pace and incline to keep your heart beat at about 55%....well apparently I would have to come to a complete stop to do this and tripping over your feet on a treadmill is not safe.

the second thing is that when you are doing the weight circuit, just because you are following a woman 15 years older and very tiny does not mean that you will not have to adjust the machine to a lower weight.

I believe I mentioned before that I believe I was born without stomach muscles and a metabolism...well we can add triceps to that list too.

I wonder if I will be able to get out of bed in the morning.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I think I may have obliques!

I have gone to the gym everyday (except Christmas) - have done 30 minutes of cardio and the machines that work my core - so 7 workouts later I think I am feeling a change is my obliques (the sides of your waist).

I haven't hurt or been sore, I can just sort of feel some things that I haven't felt for a while - I'm not sure how I feel about that whole hurting like hell the next day thing anyway. I do know that my eyes do not like sweat in them, but I like it! - means I am actually doing something. The scale hasn't moved - but I am so excited about how I feel that it really doesn't matter!

I have a speaking engagement the first weekend in February..the skirt to my suit is 3 inches smaller than my waist. I cannot afford a new suit..or a new skirt...can I do 3 inches in 5 weeks? Dear God I hope so...or else that nightmare about standing in front of everyone in you underwear...It'll will be coming true for me!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I managed to hit the gym twice in 2 days. *round of applause please* Probably the most miraculous thing about this is that yesterday I went right after work. Normally I need a 20 minute power nap to recover from the day. The gym was closing early for their Christmas party and I wanted to develope a habit of going so in I went.

Day one I did 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the elliptical, Abs and back, pretty good for day one. I like to mix up my cardio so I don't get board...so switching machines, watching TV, listening to my iPod, and playing with the buttons makes the time go by.

Day Two - Forgot my iPod at work, so I watched Bones and challenged my self during commercials. I did the whole 30 minutes on the elliptical...I wish I could start at minute 10...because those first ten make me crazy.

Then came the magic...after the work out there was grocery shopping (no sweets purchased thank you), laundry (folded & put away), vacuming, trash removal, very little TV and I actually slept when I went to bed!

Now I expected changes...but on day TWO...I feel so good about my energy level and improved mood that the waistline barely matters...barely

Oh yeah...that no judgement thing, all I can say is it is a good thing that Planet Fitness cannot read my mind...because there are evil thoughts running around in there.

Monday, December 21, 2009

No Judgement Zone

Yesterday afternoon, my friend, favorite weight loss compadre & competitor, and I joined our local Planet Fitness.

I was half joking at the counter that they should not keep a supply of stickers on the counter as then would not want them to end up on the car of a Fluffy person...when the young woman responded "We are a judgement free zone". ...really, sounds nice but what does it mean - well, it means that power muscle builders are not there with a bunch of UGHs and CLANKS! and apparently it means that everyone gets an XL T-shirt, (That is really is!). so I am very happy and can't wait to start this evening...which means I will be posting tomorrow about how much I hate Purple & Yellow walls and machines with flashing lights that make me move.

However I know me and I saw that wall of mirrors...trust me there will be judgement going on...and it will be screaming in my head...don't do that move again! did you see the batwing juggle...wow who knew cellulite could be seen through layers of work out wear...judgement free zone..bless their purple little hearts.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Creme Brulee Philosophy

First things First - I am at -5lbs!

I mentioned on day one that life was too short not to eat Creme Brulee, I have taken this as my weight loss philosophy. We all know that dieting does not work and that the changes you make should be lifestyle changes.

So the Creme Brulee Philosophy is eat only what you really like. how many times do you put something in your mouth that you are only lukewarm on...because it is there.

So I order the fajitas and skip the tortillas so I can have the chips...eat only the cream out of the oreos, eat only the ice cream toppings and not the silly old vanilla ice cream.

So live it up and only eat the calories that make your taste buds sing!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dr. Evil and My Diet

After a weekend struggle to be good, (that included an argument with a Lindt Dark Chocolate bar with chili)I returned to work today. Only to be met by DR. EVIL.

Dr. Evil is a perfectly nice man that I work with, however he has an issue with sweets...he likes to share them. Today he brought in a box of Belgian Chocolate Cookies, and he left them open in the main office area. I am a weak weak woman, with some sort of mental block...that makes me not notice the cookie until it is in my mouth and I am chewing. ...on the upside - I finally looked at the calorie count at the end of the day - 140 calories per 3 cookie serving...not too bad after all but I am still hoping the night elves eat them all this evening.

Houston weather is NOT cooperating with the whole exercise aspect of this thing. My exercise of choice is a mile and a half walk in the evening...it got COLD - it actually snowed...then it started raining. The workout room in my apartment complex houses broken equiptment, I have asked my son for a gym membership for Christmas...so eventually I will befriend the elliptical machine again.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

And away we go!....sort of

In order to know where I am going, have to know where I am...so, after staring at the scale for awhile this morning, I got on it. *GASP* crap! - OK my hair was wet and I must have had on what? - 5 pounds worth of clothes....probably not.

Stupid job...now I had to go to work and not crawl back in bed and hide under the blankets in my pretty pretty bed. So I put on my big girl pants (literally) - sucked it up and went to work.

No breakfast - I know! I know! most important meal of the day and all that stuff, but fruit or toast makes me hungry later...protein isn't suppose to do that, but eggs before 8am is gross!

Lunch - 3 meatballs in marinara, a salad with ranch on the side, a cup of minestrone and a cupcake...not having the meatballs on a roll was good, the cupcake not so much...but it was little and it had whipped lemon frosting!

Dinner consisted of 3 onion rings...the good choice about this was that we were at Sonic and I did not get a meal.

I figure if I took all those calories, totaled them up, that can't be bad for an entire day!...oh yeah, there was a peppermint...things like that end up in my mouth without me thinking...evil little bits of sugar.

Does wearing your sneakers all day count as exercise?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Social Experiment?...Not Really

So as I was falling asleep last night, it occurred to me to blog my attempt to lose weight. I have found at other times that I have been successful that there was an element of competition involved in it for me. I wondered if it was really competition or just some warped sense of accountability.

Also, keeping a food journal has worked..no one wants to write down that a package of Oreo was consumed...so I can now share the arguments with myself about making decent food choices with you!

So here we go.

My final goal - is to be 50 pounds less...no I am not telling you my starting number...I a glutton for cheesecake not pubic humiliation. Also, I would really like to stop cropping pictures just below my boobs...I have good calves...I should stand with things in front of me to have my pics taken.

I am hoping that by choosing the green as the template for this blog that it counts as a vegetable.

A few things I want to get straight to begin with:
I DO NOT see myself EVER exercising in the morning. I know some people that seem fairly sane do this...however I see it as a symptom of deep seeded self hatred

I will not give up Creme Brulee...I do not eat it a lot, and life is too short to go without the great things

And I am willing to give up starches, but not all carbs...because I think that messes with your brain - and I like my brain.