Monday, December 21, 2009

No Judgement Zone

Yesterday afternoon, my friend, favorite weight loss compadre & competitor, and I joined our local Planet Fitness.

I was half joking at the counter that they should not keep a supply of stickers on the counter as then would not want them to end up on the car of a Fluffy person...when the young woman responded "We are a judgement free zone". ...really, sounds nice but what does it mean - well, it means that power muscle builders are not there with a bunch of UGHs and CLANKS! and apparently it means that everyone gets an XL T-shirt, (That is really is!). so I am very happy and can't wait to start this evening...which means I will be posting tomorrow about how much I hate Purple & Yellow walls and machines with flashing lights that make me move.

However I know me and I saw that wall of me there will be judgement going on...and it will be screaming in my head...don't do that move again! did you see the batwing who knew cellulite could be seen through layers of work out wear...judgement free zone..bless their purple little hearts.

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