Sunday, August 29, 2010

Am I sick? Stuck? or just plain stressed out?

It has been a while since I posted here..a LOOONG while. I am still half way there.

My summer has been filled with stress. While I know, that it would not have felt so stressful had I continued to make exersize a priority...that is just not what happened. I haven't seen the gym for a while. I did however, discover Zumba - AND that I like working out with friends. Exersize does not need to be a solitary, meditative practice.

I did find time to visit the Doctor this summer. Which has probably added to my stress. Yup...they found a little delay in one of the electrical impulses in my heart that's not stressful. Recommended a sleep study...I am not sure why, other than the electrical thingy....I have panic attacks while falling asleep - but I don't wake up once I am in REM.

Then there is the high 'bad cholesterol' yeah did I mention the stress? A friend recommended ground flax seed as she has been successful in reducing her cholesterol by using it. I had 2 table spoons in my yogurt today. Once I was past the weird smell when I opened the container -it wasn't bad. Couldn't smell it over the peaches and it just added a little crunch to the bowl.

I had a stress test, last week ...the cute guy running the test looked at my EKG wierd...said it looks like there may have been a small MI...but I am too young....really - OK - let;s have a little more stress....and what about the weird dip when I have the anxiety...well he didn't know that wasn't a skipped beat.

Great so Tuesday AM I get all my results.....makes me with I had taken up running...then I could run far far away from it all.